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Felted Greenmen at Heartfelt Studio a great success

This workshop was interesting as the students choose three different methods of creating their 3d sculpted creations.

Two chose to work with a green base and built up the fascial features from firmly rolled wool batts for each part of the face . This was done in white base blue faced leicester wool batts – these for a dense and firm base to needle detail into DSC_5622

These details were worked into slowly forming a face place in its features


eventually when all the features were created the colour wash  of blended greens in wool was placed on and needled firmly



The second method was to wet felt a sheet of blended green wools over a firm face mask – a form

This allowed the features to be firmly felted first and then for the ‘mask’ to be removed and replaced with wool as stuffing. The felted details were then needled into to stabilise and then fine details added like lips or eyelids or eyes

DSC_5625 DSC_5624 DSC_5617

The third method was to create the shape from behind the wool in dry form and then to create an outline through the design already laid on the front.


Each method had its own merits and everyone learned all three methods by doing or observing. Some beautiful creatures have emerged from the wool. Well done to all who took part  and have brought to their homes this wonderful iconic harbinger of Spring.IMG_0019 DSC_5638DSC_0724DSC_5642

Textile Thursdays Workshops August 10th, 17th, 31st and September 7th- Mornings 10am-1pm

We have been very busy during these last few months but as promised here are a little series of morning workshops.

Planned to fit in with the train schedule from Glasgow and from Oban to arrive on time to start at 10 and finish on time to catch the 12.50 train to Glasgow or Oban…perfect for visitors and local people.

All our workshops are suitable for those new to textile skills as well as the more advanced students

The workshops will have a limited number of students .

All materials are included as are teas and coffees  Workshops can be booked singly or in a block of 4.

Cost for each workshop is £30

Week 1 August 10th  will look at STILL LIFE IN WOOL- no not a sheep in the studio but looking at form and shape and using multi coloured backgrounds.

We will create a small picture or series of samples of shapes and objects in 2d . It will incorporate the skills of

  • wet felting
  • needle felting
  • carding and blending
  • using colour to create defined shapes
  • using different fibre types

Week 2 August 17th will look at making FELTED JEWELLERY

The colour and texture is lovely


We will create some of the following necklaces, brooches ,earrings and hair accessories .It will incorporate the skills of


  •  Making the perfect ball  beads using a range of techniques
  • how to make cords wired and unwired
  • how to wet felt and needle felt detail into jewellery
  • Colour and cutback techniques
  • using mille fleur techniques with wool
  • Finishings for jewellery

Week 3 August 31st  we will be creating Nuno felted wristlets

Using the technique of Nuno felting( which incorporates silk and fine wool together to make a unique and fabulous fabric ) we will create a pair of individual wristlets . It will incorporate the skills of

  • selecting fine fibres and leaning a little about the ‘handle ‘ of different fibres
  • Blending silks and wools together
  • Selecting suitable fabrics to felt
  • combining fabrics and felts using wet felting techniques
  • learning about wool shrinkage and how to gauge it shaping on a form ( your wrists )
  • Finishings and closures

Week 4 September 7th Needle Embellishing with wool fibres 

Using hand needle felting tools and embellishing machines , combining fabrics and fibres with ease without needle and thread. It will incorporate the skills of

  • layering
  • cutback
  • fabric redesigning
  • recycling of fabrics and spun wools
  • connecting fabrics and fibres without thread
  • creating a new unique fabric
  • fixing holes and worn areas using wool and needling as ‘glue’