Extreme Gardening at Dalmally Station !

new planted bed8 Monday dawned a fresh Spring morning  and the gift by a local train user to the station of a lovely big rhododendron plant  that had outgrown his garden…where to put it?I wanted everyone to enjoy the delightful colour and form and although a quick planting session was planned …10 hours later , with pickaxe and axe , a whole new landscape is born. Well worth the backache today I think and another little ‘lost ‘ garden reclaimed.new planted bed9

new planted bed10

new planted bed11

So many barrowloads later this is what train journeyers will now see entering and leaving Dalmally Railway Station.


Thanks again for that one lovely plant that inspired it all.

new planted bed19
new planted bed12
new planted bed7
Sorry to the snake who was gently lifted and re positioned in a safer living space. I think its a grass snake .Any experts out there?
new planted bed5

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