Medieval styled wool wraps- felted fleece to wear

I had the pleasure of teaching some talented artists  this week at the Studio. Like most of the workshops I host there is a specific skill identified .Medieval styled wraps were the chosen aspect of felted fleeces . Using beautiful Shetland wool fleeces and a backing selection of native wools ( Shetland and blue faced … Continued

Botanical Printing in Dornoch

 A trip to the highlands and the lovely Dornoch Firth was a joy and all the preparation was ready to be forged into new knowledge. 13 students were keen to learn about Botanical Printing. Space was tight but everyone worked so well together and brought and shared plant material to supplement what I had brought. … Continued

Spring has Sprung at Dalmally

Spring has come to Dalmally and our Argyll area. I love to walk the fields each day and get to know the sheep over many months and it certainly brings its own joy when they lamb. They become comfortable with your presence and being at ease with you allows a special connection . With this … Continued

Lots of new wool and silk arrived in February

New stock of silks and wool in the Studio Heartfelt Studio has just received an exciting new order of silk and wool for February Silks to create that perfect surface design on your fieldwork. Tussah Silk, Mulberry silk and Throwsters silk to name just a few . We also have a lovely range of evocative … Continued

The winter months can be harsh for wildlife in the Scottish Highlands and sheep are no exception. I love that I have the connection with the materials I use right from basics . with our own flock of sheep and helping neighbours , my knowledge and appreciation for the wool I use has really rocketed … Continued

Workshop Silk Painting Tuesday March 20th with Emma McGrigor

Heartfelt Studio is delighted to have Emma teach her skill in 2018. From her home on a hill farm on the west coast of Scotland artist Emma McGrigor is creating the most exquisite personalised silk painted heirlooms of the future Originally inspired by samplers of the 18th and 19th centuries, the paintings depict all manner … Continued

Workshop Botanical Printing ,Natural Dyeing April 21st ,22nd and 23rd

Natural Dyeing and Botanical Printing Workshop TutorNatural Dyeing and Botanical Printing Workshop Tutor Liz Gaffney Whaite April 21st ,22nd and 23rd Learn about creating colour from the plants that surround us here at the station and how plants can imprint their image on fabrics and papers. Each day the adventure begins at 10am and the … Continued

Workshop Design your own lampshade with interior designer Gina Lillycrop Saturday afternoon March 17th 2pm-4.30pm

With my 13 years of lampshade making experience ,this workshop will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to make wrinkle free, correctly fitted, professional looking lampshades for your own home. Feel free to bring your own fabrics, or chose from a range of fabrics supplied on the day. Or use your marbled … Continued

Workshop Marvellous Marbling Saturday Morning March 17th 10am-12.30

Gina Lillycrop Lawson has worked with Heartfelt Studio and Dalmally Station for nearly 15 years . Gina creates the interior design work on the fabrics at the stations accommodation and has been Lizs side kick with the ongoing commission for the Highgrove Floriligilium as well as many design collaborations here at Heartfelt Studio. She runs … Continued

2017 ….last years workshops -August 27th Sunday Making a start with felt making 10am- 4pm

A full day of fun.       This wonderful opportunity to get a total insight to this skill of felt making in a day of fibre indulgence. Working in a studio with inspirational materials of every sort as well as a huge range of finished creations, it is so easy to make wonderful things. … Continued