Stone mad for the love of Lime mortar

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Yesterday was a steep learning curve to my skill level. Falling in love with a stone building , I suppose it was inevitable I would need to learn to mortar but I was totally blown away by the in-depth nature and skill involved in the Lime process.

I consider myself very fortunate to have gone to the ‘best’ teachers to learn and I certainly got all and more than i had hoped from an introduction course in Lime mortar pointing.

The setting of such a lure as  Peniculk House was of course a huge hit but it was the delivery of the needed information balanced with the hands on that I was so impressed with.

The Scottish Lime Centre are a passionate lot and the two tutors on the day took time to make sure we understood the process and got the ‘maths ‘right. My head was bursting with new knowledge by the time the wonderful lunch arrived and the physical ‘doing’ of the theory was just perfect. We learned about the tools , safety and just got on with it. I would certainly recommend their course.

Penicuik House Trust immediately won me over when I realised the connection between Dalmally Railway Station and the beautiful blond stone of Penicuik. Both were burned down in 1899, the station been wooden needed a fresh build and thankfully that was in the beautiful red sandstone and granite. I also learned a lot about building methods of that time.

The enormity of the task before us is not lost to me and by the time we have repaired essential lime mortar joints and assess if it is possible to undo the ugly and harmful concrete ‘repairs’ made previously to the building, the years will have passed. Perhaps by then with all that practice before me , I might even get good at it. It will allow me to literally get to know ‘every nook and cranny’ in this delightful building.

I even have the certificate to prove it !

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