The winter months can be harsh for wildlife in the Scottish Highlands and sheep are no exception.
I love that I have the connection with the materials I use right from basics . with our own flock of sheep and helping neighbours , my knowledge and appreciation for the wool I use has really rocketed .
Many in lamb need that extra eye over the lean weather ,silage or hay and sheep cake or maize can keep spirits up.
It is the contact with all the different personalities I love , the shy ones , the wary ones and the grab the bucket out of your hand kind.
I have my favourites in different breeds but just like humans , its not the colour or origin- its the individual characters that mark them apart from the rest of the herd.
The landscape I live in is stunning and in weather like this just a magical place to be .
Meanwhile indoors there is much carding of wool and an opportunity to catch up with commissions.


Beautiful Blackface and Beltex


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