Alpaca Fibre and what to do with it .

I often get asked lots of how to questions about different fibres and Alpaca is often one that people would like to more about , from a felting point of view and of course the nature of the fibre to spin and weave. Local to Dalmally there are several Alpaca breeders and a recent request for a workshop from a breeder in England led me to look out the information on the Alpaca products i used to make and sell. It is a fibre with unique properties but different from sheep wool in its structure but more importantly how it felts. Alpaca is bred for its fibre not for meat and it is a little sad that new Alpaca breeders are not given the education in how to use this wonderful resource they have committed to care for .

We often do both advanced and beginner workshops on the use of this delightful fibre both to dye and to create into saleable wearables.

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