An exchange day with some old friends and some new ones . Arch Network

Arch Network is a Scottish Non Government Organisation promoting learning and development in natural and cultural heritage between Scotland and other European countries.

Last year we had a group of Slovakia and Icelandic people come to Scotland and they spent 2 wonderful days in Dalmally Station. What a great time we had and sad were we to see them go after getting to know them. I am delighted to be part of a group going to Slovakia next month on an exchange programme and meeting up with some of these talented friends again.

To get to know the team going from Scotland we had a play day at Dalmally and natural plants was the focus of the day as this fits so well with the exchange programmes this year.

We played with natural dyes from plants and imprinting designs onto fabrics with plant material and cobweb felting with found seed pods and plant material. The learning was shared and in that wonderful way this kind of experience instinctively breaks down barriers and unites common knowledge.

We had a ball with much laughter and great excitement of what our trip will bring to each of us in friendship and experiences.

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