Another natural dye workshop- native materials – natural colours of the land Sunday March 30th

After many successful workshop in this topic last year there seems to be a real interest in using the living plant material around us. Sometimes it is the most common of plants that can give the gift of colour to our wools. This is a very experimental workshop where you learn the fundamentals of, mordants and  dying wools with natural plants materials. There are no exact repeat recipes, the time of year materials are collected , the weather at the time of collection and a wide range of variables make this an exciting reason to dye your own materials, to knit or felt with.

it is a chemical mix like no other, sometimes changing a colour by oxidizing it to the air or combining different mordants to change the colour. It is an ancient art that has found its roots in the heart of fibre artists the world over and immersion dying is only part of it . Imprinting direct from the plant material is finding favour within the world of fibre artists who want to be challenged and do things just a little differently.

Most of all it is fun and kind to Mother Nature.

Due to a big demand we have rescheduled another natural dying day for March 30th thats a Sunday this time to give those of you who work through the week a chance to attend a great workshop.

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