Blue bell woods where sheep have roamed – Argyll’s hidden treasures

The colour and vibrance of bluebells in contrast with the lush new growth so long awaited by our local sheep and creatures of Argyll. I love this time of year…busy with lambing and walking the land many times a day makes you aware of the subtle changes .

The angelic shape of a lock of wool caught on a fallen branch in the blue woodland caught my breath – time is now…a breath in the moment.

An angelic wool fragment in the bluebell wood

Argyll has many hidden treasures – the quiet of a low population and stunning beauty in pockets of land and river. A place to be at one with the seasonal changes . It is a little like the pleasure i get from people being surprised as they come onto the railway platform and see the transformation of the station. No road signs lead them here …word of mouth – stories from previous discoverers. No hoards of selfie snappers. Surprise and delight at the local gem the station and Heartfelt Studio has become.

On the banks of the Glenorchy river in May

The flora and fauna passes through the seasons as it has always done and this heatwave, that may well be our summer, has brought the flush to pass.

Feeding the sheep is not so much a daily task now as the available food is at a rich time.

The lambs and sheep we shared the care of have passed onto their next farm in the lowlands. Shearing of the remaining few has begun and the wash baths and dye baths are out . Plentiful plants to colour our wool will be cooked over the next few months bring colour in the Winter months .

The new life of the Spring fattens to the summer lushness

Without the midges ….the most glorious place on earth to live .

Workshops continue throughout the summer months and many people come and go through the accommodation here at the Station – many bringing a textile treasure back to their part of the world .

The season of growing and collecting is short and the daylight hours long – a gift to work into the late night .

if you have ever thought to visit Argyll …go for it . It has much to offer

a little help with a poorly  twin

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