Botanical Printing in Dornoch

 A trip to the highlands and the lovely Dornoch Firth was a joy and all the preparation was ready to be forged into new knowledge.

13 students were keen to learn about Botanical Printing. Space was tight but everyone worked so well together and brought and shared plant material to supplement what I had brought. We all learned from this experience . A great surprise for me was the dried eucalyptus leaves that were 20 years old, they gave a great print! That changes my thoughts on preserved materials and longevity.

The Dornoch Fibre Fest was a breath of fresh air , intimate and open hearted. Busy with three venues and what a great job the team of organisers did putting this event together . Thank you to my lovely hosts for making the weekend so enjoyable. If you are thinking about an event and the hoards of people at the major British events fill you with dread – this is the event for you .Next year is also the 10th anniversary so plan to head off into this beautiful part of the Scottish coast



some of the work the students created 

20 year old dried eucyluptus leaves

seems a shame to steam these beauties
experiments abound
Botanical printing has its moments

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