December brings snow to the Highlands and the plants to imprint with

What a busy year of planting and , shearing and washing wool to colour it with the amazing plants here at Dalmally Railway Station .

The Airbnb visitors really took interest in the whole of the ethos of the station . From the restoration of the rooms to the unusual plant combinations on the platform. Each plant earning its place to please the eye but also edible or suitable for creating colour by direct dyeing or imprinting through a wonderful process of alchemy .

A faraway student delights on the results of her study

There were many ‘weeds’ cultivated on the land here that are treasures to those who can see the potential in their growth, often the overlooked plain leaves are the strongest source of colour or printing. Things like ‘Dock Leaves’- Rumex where leaves , root and seeds all create a different range of colours to delight .It is the sharing of these skills that I love most , the planting of the seed of knowledge ,allowing the student growth and experimentation inn their own region with their own unique plant selection.

Salvaging and drying the huge volumes of leaves here and using  the many kind gifts of plant material from friends who walk and collect treasures for me. The dark of the winter evening see me dipping and steaming and colouring all sorts of wool.

Planing and gathering ideas for next years new season and the faint memory of long light evenings with summer scents and …midges . so perhaps the dark of winter has its own joy .

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