Dunfermline art department adventure June 3rd

What a wonderful day , the scent of the vibrant yellow rapeseed flower rippling beneath the strong structural circle of the old gas tower in the fields adjoining the beautiful new Dunfermline High School.

From the moment I got to the door and saw the courteousness show by staff and students to me and one another – I just knew it was a positive environment to be creative in.11351145_790455444402014_1017253073606930675_n

With a group of 20 S3 and S4 art students and great interaction from the teachers in the department we had a wonderful day of play and investigation of textiles.

We covered techniques such as wet felting, needle felting and repeat design possibilities. It was like planting seeds in a steamy jungle – the group immediately saw the potential of using the investigative samples of ‘play’ for their portfolios and developed some great ideas.


Felted wool on wire experiment 

I learned so much too, as happens on these exchanges which are so important to inspire future artists .


Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff in the  art department who extended their already long day to learn a little about felt making to facilitate the legacy of the seeds sown for textiles in the department.

I look forward to visiting the school again in the future and see how felt making has blossomed.


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