Easter Saturday at Dalmally Station


What fun we had today at Dalmally Station , the tea room serving delicious cakes both on the platform and inside in the ‘pop up’ tea room  Daffodils in pots filled the air with the scent of Spring.

What do you do with a gaggle of serious studious students taking time out from their Phds and studies ? Play with soap and water and wool ….with a definite outcome! A three mtr whale later has been created by my visitors in their home town and we made felted fish to dangle in its mouth ( for  adding during the later parade )

So academic rules out the door and hands on a new skills …i think you will agree they had tremendous  fun , created something useful, learned a new method of stress theraphy (fulling )DSC_3532    laying out the design

DSC_3524                    sleeves rolled up ready for action


clean mess of soap and water


the jeans rolling technique

fun for all ages



The tea room was very busy too



The reinactment in the car park brought a true sense of the celebration of this holiday weekend- thank you to Craig Lodge, Dalmally .

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