Felt connects with nature at KIlchoan

It was a great pleasure for me to teach the tiny school at Kilchoan the joy and surprise of felt making.

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My learning increased dramatically about the life and hardships facing our fresh water mussels. Thought the Lochabers Fishery trust educating through art took a whole new direction .

With the enthusiastic team of Diane and  Lucy from the Fisheries Trust we gathered at the West Highland Community Learning centre , close to the school.

The children had great fun learning how to make a 2d felt and every child made a fish or mussel or flower to go into the river scene wall hanging

3d mussels were created by the children to bring back to their class room. To recreate a mussel you need to know its colour , shape , size and how it lives. Great fun but serious learning. the afternoon brought on the placing and wetting of the felt and some team games kicking the felt up and down the carpark…the falling sleet did not deter the energy and enthusiasm of the children…we waved goodbye to happy children as we prepared for the evening community felting event for adults.

We were delighted with the turnout on such a cold evening but much fun was had learning some new skills in needle felting. Once again observance was essential to recreate the mussels. I was amazed that mussels can live longer than humans and what an important task they do sifting our freshwaters. It is of course illegal to fish for these highly endangered species and so important to educate local people on the need to keep their unique waterways safe for the future of freshwater mussels in Lochaber.

To learn more about what this great team are doing https://www.lochaberfish.org.uk

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