Felt fantastic Exhibition – submissions invited.

Scottish Feltmakers news – 13/11/2013

“Felt Fantastic” Exhibition at Barony Centre, West Kilbride – 25th April – 29th June, 2014

  • As this is our first exhibition in this prestigious venue, you can submit work that has been shown before
  • As ever, select your best work to ensure that the overall effect is of the highest standard.
  • Avoid submitting large glazed framed work, as these can present display problems due to their weight. They are also vulnerable to damage during handling and transportation. However there is no problem with small glazed pieces, but wherever possible use non-reflective glass to minimise reflections.
  • As this is a larger Gallery than at Birnam and the Barony Curator will be selecting the exhibits from our submissions, you are able to submit 10 pieces in total, comprising of a selection of wall-mounted, floor-standing, and show-case items – ranging from large to small (avoiding earrings as they are difficult to display to advantage).
  • Due to the longer distances that will be travelled in order to set up and dismantle this exhibition, we would ask for a submission fee of £10 from each exhibitor to meet these and any other costs that we may incur.
  • All submission forms* should be with Ann Ross no later than 15th March, 2014, together with the submission fee of £10 (either in cash or cheque, made payable to Feltmakers Region 13)
  • When pricing up your work, please be aware that the Gallery will be adding 40% Commission + VAT to your Maker’s Price
  • Images to be used for publicity must to sent to Ewa Kuniczak no later than 1st February. These need not be of work that will be in the exhibition, but do need to be in high resolution and of good quality.
  • All Exhibits must be delivered to Ann Ross by Monday, 21st April
  • Exhibition will be set up on Thurs 23rd/Fri 24th April.
  • Meet the Makers – Saturday 25th April – 1.00-4.00pm This is an opportunity for Makers to engage with the Public, so please bring something to work on, or working drawings to add ‘life’ to our exhibition.
  • A number of workshops and Illustrated Talks are being planned during the Exhibition, with felting activities for the final weekend for adults and children.
  • Dismantling the Exhibition on Monday, 30th June, from 9.00am onwards

* Submission Form is attached for your use with a check list.

Barony Centre, 50 Main Street, West Kilbride, North Ayrshire, KA23 9AR  Tel: 01294 829179

Contact details:
Ewa Kuniczak: ewa@feltheadtotoe.co.uk
Ann Ross: annrossfelt@googlemail.com

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