Felt flights of fancy workshop

What a busy weekend but delightful company of keen feltmakers who worked hard and achieved some amazing results. We had a mixed group of skilled feltmakers who were finding time to experiment and feltmakers who had tried one or two methods of feltmaking and we had some that were very new to feltmaking. The sharing and socialising through working and eating was very evident at the end of the weekend when new friends were reluctant to part.

For me as a tutor the challenge was to be there with advice and ideas for methods or choices of fibres for a variety of different projects for all the levels of skills the students had. Would it not just be easier to get everyone to make the same thing in a prescribed manor? Of course it would be but where would that shared leaning come in, the bouncing of ideas and inspiration you only get when you allow people to think for themselves. So at the end of two days students had a wide range of felted skills learned by observation even if they just tried a new method for a short time.

Me? I am a happy tired person who facilitated that learning process in a beautiful inspiration setting.

I learned much from my students, renewed many friendships and made lots more new friends for what will I am sure be future skills exchanges.

Thanks to all who took part in this great experience and well done!

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