Felted Fleeces the yearly gift of a washable rug from sheep

What a wonderful workshop weekend we had , working hard creating new life to smelly fleeces but mostly creating new friendships and sharing the joy that is so alive in Dalmally Railway Station. Having the orphan lamb have his breakfast on the platform to explain in a living model the parts of the fleece was defiantly very helpfulIMG_7565

This is the first stage of the process, laying out the fleece outside up and checking for debris such as bracken and twigs with the odd purple edged beetle ( trapped in the woolliness poor thing )

The fleece is then turned so that the ‘cut side’ is upwards ( the side that grew next to the sheep ) IMG_7568


The next part comes with gathering the fleece towards the centre of the back to close up any holes or weak areas and then the fun begins – we have used a long haired wool as our false skin and played with design and colour . We compensated in area that were thin and layered the wool.


The designs were varied and personalised each rugIMG_7564IMG_7566 (2)

the next stage was to wet down with warm soapy water ( lots of it ) and the felting process begun


We used the felt rolling machine to lighten the work and once through this , the fleeces were checked and then put on a light wash in the washing machine. Some needed to be reinserted but most ready to start the laborious task of ‘cat pawing’ gently pulling the locks seperate .

Some visiting partners  were  put to task at this and much please was had over cups of tea and coffee.

A lovely day spent under this Victorian canopy and a memorable treasure from Argyll of a very usable Hebredian fleece.




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