Felted Wraps 2016/2017

Unique, Flattering, Flowing, and Fun…

Felt wraps are one of the signature creations from Heartfelt by Liz.
Liz uses natural native British wools, along with silks and other materials, to create these wonderful garments that you will want to find excuses to wear.

Each of these featured wraps can be made to order – or can inspire you to commission your own unique garment.

Wraps already made ready to buy  2016/2017 – click here
There are more at the Shop at the Station.. please come and visit to try one on for yourself or if you can’t visit us please ask for some photos of the present stock we have …costs are around £180 for the medium and £225 for the large – we have specials each season so why not contact us and ask .

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