Felting and I

Unlike many feltmakers who have specialised in one given area, I have been hungry to learn it all.

I try new techniques all the time.

Sometimes I assimilate them into my work , some I just share the seed of an idea with others to take forward.

I am a practical maker and functional artwork is my everyday wear. Seamless items such as hats, bags and slippers are a joy to make and to teach others how to make.I like a challenge and work on big pieces such as coats and jackets and large wraps.

I delight in commissions, creating a piece with someone in mind to me, imbues some of my creative soul into the garment specially for the wearer. I make many special wraps and hats for weddings and my floristry training is a great skill base to work from.

I have recently merged both skills of feltmaking and floristry to create wedding bouquets and corsages suitable for the bride and family groups.

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