Finding my Textile Soul in Azanza


New discoveries of what plants make what marks DSC_7284





Wonderful investigation of new discoveriesDSC_7322 DSC_7317DSC_7357DSC_7495 DSC_7346

Words can not aptly embrace the joy and creative energy in partaking in this special event.

It took 9 months of incubation and constant work of passionate textile people , across literally the world, to create this very unique workshop.

The location was perfect, an alpine delight in Spain’s Basque region- distant enough from populated areas to be an island of focused creativity. Textiles Con Alma was aptly named and the team who put together this exceptional workshop were talented and dedicated in their own fields of work. Not only were the students from many corners of the earth such as Hong Kong, Belgium,Argentina, USA, Russia, Brazil, Germany,England, Spain and Scotland but the organisational team were widely spread between Argentina, Israel and Spain.DSC_7486





The logistics of equipment, materials and food was expertly handled including a visit by an specialist natural dye producer from France.

The food was served around our work schedule and it was wonderful to wholly immerse myself in the work .

The scene was set !  the alpine lush plants ( weeds in many peoples ideal ) were available for selection and experimental work.

What made this workshop so different was 2 tutors with a combined  passion for excellent design and professional finish

Irit Dulman textile artist  Israel

Revital Avidar  dress maker /fashion designer Israel .

What did the experience mean to me personally ?

There have been points in my life where the passion of my creative career have taken a side road or been at a cross roads- I have come back energised by the knowledge learned , the confidence given by both tutors and the support of a textile team of fellow students that have become like family to us both. Graham engaging and being a part of the whole experience has made such a difference  and we have had so many open discussions about the wherefor and whys of what we have both learned  and where we will take that learning forward to .

This knowledge has fed that seed in my soul and I now have a road to follow – a direction that all the previous knowledge has led to .

I may be some time filtering the new knowledge to Scottish plants and my experience with our climatic differences but the sheer joy and the passion for something that fits in my creative self like a long missed jigsaw piece is of great comfort and will drive me on to discover new alchemist experiences …that is truly what eco printing is ….alchemy and a touch of botanical magic .

My whole hearted thanks goes to Elisa Suárez  (Argentina)  and Liliana Muzzupappa  (Pamplona, España)   Without whom this workshop could not have happened and to all of Lilianas family and also to the lovely Ariana who shared all her time and energy and made it  possible for us to focus on our work . To Leo Yaben Muzzupappa (Pamplona, España)    Who was our excellent chef and gave us a real flavour of the Basque and its regional cooking    

A wonderful venue and a dream place  already i go to in the chaos of my work  – soon , soon I can play again





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