Full on in Fibre this July but what talent!

Holiday Workshop : These two young ladies are so talented , never having wet felted before they took the challenge of creating hand puppets in their chosen animal shapes . Would a two hour session be long enough?

The idea was to get the puppet part done in felt and fulled to the size needed and then they would spend some time afterwards needling on detail.

The girls listened so well to instruction, had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve and worked so well during the morning session.

My surprise came when Mum send me a photo of the finished puppets- these two inspired artists had spent 4 hours needle felting the detail onto the faces and what a magnificent job they did…can I point out they are only 11 years old. ¬†Well done girls . I guess there will be no cries of “i’m bored” over your summer holidays.IMG_7547IMG_7554

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