Hogmanay, Scottish New Year and a time of reflection

Iconic across the world- Scotland and its New Year celebrations is famed for bagpipes and swinging kilts and consumption of large quantities of Whisky.

There are many who don’t celebrate in this way but both would agree it is a time of great reflection. How good or bad the previous year has been – how hopeful the next year might be.

In this year of major climatic shift and migration of whole races of people my reflection is how fortunate I have been in this last year. As an artist to have the freedom of expression in a safe and flood free environment , with enough to eat and no fear for safety in the natural wildness around us.

Resolutions are often made and if I have but one it is to open my heart to those who touch my life in 2016 be that just by a smile or a cup of tea- we only pass this place once and in a disharminious world i will endeavour to be in harmony with all that is around me.

Happy New Year to you all

The magic of a rainbow stays forever
The magic of a rainbow stays forever


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