Imprints of Scotland

A delightful summer play of the lovely dyers plant beds I have created here at Dalmally Station. There is a wealth of ‘weeds’ which grow here profusely ¬†and can be coaxed of their colour pigments.

It is known as eco printing or dyeing but it is not a recent discovery but a very ancient way of making your mark on cloth.

11406798_10153154813212284_5564882396878916822_nUsing such plants as dyers chamomile , onions skins ,tansy,acer leaves to name but a few.

The mordants and modifiers are of course very important and last years wood ash , copper pipes and rusty nails – all play their part.

It is alchemy of course , the magic of mixing and matching , never quite knowing what the result will be.11425567_10153154814342284_3396874826621214061_n

beautiful gifts in soft Pongee silk with a hand rolled edge. A little piece of Scotland’s colour for your self



Now what to do with the leftovers? I feel a range of imprint papers coming on ….11401459_10153154816047284_3583510579383423317_n

Workshops in this technique can be arranged

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