Joy Exhibition Community knit a stitch project December 5th- 22nd


The Community knit a stitch Project by Sandra Cooksley  of Ewenique

This project came about because where ever I am I knit.  This results in some wonderful conversations but often leads to why people don’t knit anymore.  And especially if the reason is because they have hand issues I then point out that the new circular needle systems are really flexible and also you don’t need to use them only for knitting in the round.  But that they really do help enable previous knitter to reconnect with the wonderful craft of knitting.  Anyway what seems to be a common theme is they wish they could knit now whether its just time or issues which has stopped them when they see me they want to do it again…. So I thought oh wow I can help people by giving them an opportunity to knit with these new to them needles.. Especially with the wooden tips which look gorgeous but are so warm on the arthritic hands.  By having a project which they can try with it means that I don’t have to tink back the rows I have allowed them to knit on whatever current project I’m working on…..

So I have cast on a few sets of needles with 4ply sock yarn and have got them with me where ever I go so people can give it a go…. These projects are 64sts wide (optimum stitches to allow the self-patterning sock yarn to be showcased) and anyone can knit purl moss stitch etc. one row or many and at the end of the project I will join the strips together and depending on how it looks I will either auction/raffle it off or will donate to a suitable local Argyll charity.  This is a long term project but if you leave you email address I will give a few update emails along its journey.

Heartfelt by Liz hopes to have people drop in and enjoy doing a few stitches while having a cuppa or just being in an  inspirational place and  fun company. The Community will reside at Dalmally Railway Station for the duration of the JOY exhibition

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