Legacy of Learning

Lots of my teaching is about small groups , an intimate learning experience.

I get to know my students and they get to get a feel of the life and space here at the Studio.

Our local golden brown …windblown
Paler than normal , a softness in todays shades

There is a calm learning at just the right pace for each individual – I had the pleasure of this last week with a former student returning to fill in a few gaps in her knowledge.Eagerness and willingness to learn is the best thing to take to a workshops . We worked through two full days of new knowledge , concocting dyes and wool mixes . Time taken to keep notes and samples . Drop spindle mastered and a wealth of new knowledge . I look forward to the return visit to wheel spin and use the yarn for basic tapestry weaving.




I love the rich variety of shades with madder root .
Madder and mad sky





My legacy is to sew as many seeds of knowledge to allow that knowledge to grow – when we stop learning we stop growing as artists and human beings .






With all the equipment set up I had a play day with some new imprinting techniques .

I never grow tired of opening up the bundles of steamed fabrics and papers .

Best thing is I am organised and packed for my Imprint taster day at Strontian on Wednesday

Madder dyed fabric
Beautiful leaf structure on madder dyed , silk jersey
Sumach , solidago and tiny eucy.
Just a touch of Autumn in Spring – dried and kept leaves to see me through the Winter months

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