Lots of new wool and silk arrived in February

needlefelting wool

New stock of silks and wool in the Studio

Snowy mountains
Ben Cruachan dry Corries dusted with snow

Heartfelt Studio has just received an exciting new order of silk and wool for February

Silks to create that perfect surface design on your fieldwork. Tussah Silk, Mulberry silk and Throwsters silk to name just a few .

We also have a lovely range of evocative colours in needle felting wool.

Animals such as fox , hairy cows and squirrels are just a few that beg to be created from these wool batts.

Open by Appointment throughout the year

What does that mean?

You can phone us and arrange to call at a time that suits .

You can drop by the station and try the doorbell-

I am usually working on commission work in the Studio but I may be away teaching or tending to the sheep.

February is an exciting month, the sound of the birdsong has already changed.

The daylight hours are getting longer every day.

It is a month of such hope in its short number of days.

On a bright cold sunlit day the light here in the mountains is magical.

A sprinkling of snow offers a bright mirror of available light.

The growth beneath the soil continues with bulbs bursting through the ground

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