Louise Oppenheimer exhibiting her tapestries at Joy exhibition 5th Dec – 22nd Dec

Textiles are what Heartfelt at Dalmally Station is all about and we are so delighted to have this very talented artist showing her work at our Joy exhibition this December. Louise will have a range of originals and also has many prints and cards for all purses. 10383581_630773640347358_6699520119191618309_n 10415563_644030245688364_6114701984081416915_n 10565192_665906226834099_6996898978082363926_n 10615371_676462825778439_4612756728067073403_n


Louise is passionate about her work and her words below explains her process and inspiration

I enjoy condensing natural forms to design images which show their roots in nature but simplify its diversity. My images can be read by the viewer as an abstract pattern or a translation of place and its essence. Using the structure of trees, the flow of water and the lie of the land, together with the unseen but felt forces of wind and time, I aim to convey my appreciation of the natural world.
Light and weather, the influence of colours and patterns all feed into my ideas while the simple process of pulling weft through warp satisfies the physical effort of weaving and allows the work to mature into solid, tactile results. Hand weaving on wooden frames allows unpredictable and organic results, work often evolving quite differently from my original ideas and sketches. Repeating shapes often result as I try to work out methods of transforming the drawn line into a tapestry. The slow process of using fingers as my only tools gives a true measure of time. This lets me include a wealth of detail but also lets me develop the work through to the finished piece. One weaving may take weeks to complete and the solidity and tactile nature are aspects I particularly enjoy.

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