October Workshop (Saturday 29th) Over-dyeing coloured fleece

Many of our Scottish breeds have more than one colour in them and it often comes as a surprise that it is possible not only to dye but to create a myriad of tones and shades by using a darker fibre to begin with. JA-profile-selection-007

JA profile selection 002These pieces of fieldwork are by Jennifer Alexander  showing the beautiful colour range of the Blue Texel sheep

During this one day workshop we will be using the beautiful locally produced Blue texel fleeces  with their delightful soft handle and wide range of colours in every fleece. These are from the top class herd of Mill Farm in Ayrshire, see Jennifer’s artwork above  .

Both natural and synethic dyes will be used to demonstrate the colour range possible. For natural dyeing the fleece will be prepared in advance , washed and pre mordanted.

On the day you will dye a range of shades and also receive direction on how to clean and wash the full fleece you get to take home.

An excellent all round learning day for spinners , weavers, felt makers and general fibre enthusiast

Workshop will run from 10am-4pm

Cost  of £70 is inclusive of all materials and dyes and will cover a basic nutritional lunch and snacks

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