Rainbow stones

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Wee Manie was a gently soul.

14 years for a troll may not seem long and we treasure the years he travelled with The Scottish Storytelling Yurt.

taking time out to chat
taking time out to chat

His somewhat fearful features and large frame ( almost 4ft standing straight ) was a sight to behold for many of the communities around Scotland where he sat in his lofty look out position on top of the yurt roof ring.

blending rainbow stones2

His young dance partner Kieran has long outgrown his friend but Manie made many friends on all his journeys. He travelled with his woolly wired butterfly held softly in the palm of his hand. Even in his mad biker days in Argyll, the butterfly went on all his journeys.

When age crept up on him he exchanged his troll tail for a kilt and sat for many hours on Dalmally Railway Station platform, at times waving to the passengers on the trains but mostly in quiet contemplation.Feeling a bit wrung out

Angus the station dog broke the quiet of his pensive thoughts and in a moment of madness decided to see what was really inside of Manie? What made him tick?


blending rainbow stones3

Wool was at his very core but sadly Manie couldn’t be revived.                           blending rainbow stones5                  Difficult choices had to be made and my natural recycling nature came into play. Manie was born from wool and he would be recycled into pieces of the magic both he and the yurt spread over the last 14 years.

It took a lot of determination to slice my wool creation into slabs and although 100% wool, it had a macabre look of fresh meat.

blending rainbow stones13

The rainbow was carded in large volumes on the electric carder and all the bits and bobs carded together to make vibrant and interesting batts of wool.

blending rainbow stones17blending rainbow stones15

Then each piece of Manie was wrapped with its rainbow of colour and needle felted togetherrainbow stones3.blending rainbow stones11

Wet felting was then needed with a soapy solution and vigorous rubbing to each piece.

Fulling and rinsing was done in the washing machine and the Manie rainbow rock collection was born.The colour and texture is lovely

Each one totally different, each one with a seed of love and laughter from Manies life to go forward and bring joy to many more people.

wee manie23

They are available at Heartfelt Studio now. Come and have a look and honour the memory of what was Manies past life and future new starts.


Rainbows are magical



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