Share weave days news for Spring

Dalmally Station Spring 2014


The Weave Share days at Heartfelt Studio , Dalmally Railway Station have been a great success and we are keen to develop the friendships and skills this ‘open house’ has achieved in the short time we have been having the monthly get together.

The idea has been a very simple one, to assist one another in motivation and a collective skill body. No singular teacher as we all have something different to offer and share. Sharing of knowledge and of course the very popular sharing of food. Here at Heartfelt there were looms that were never set to work , a two shaft floor loom , old style rigid heddle table looms, a four shaft table loom and a medley of inkle looms, inklettes and peg looms of various sizes. We added a locally made triangular loom to this and the collection builds. Most of the regulars have brought their own looms if feasible, some even building their own beautiful loom. It is about sharing that journey of discovery , occasionally having visiting skilled weavers is a future hope. The local work at Dunollie house reinstating the big loom has been a great learning   tool for the volunteers who are assisting weaver Marlyn in this wonderful task.

We will have two more share days before the summer madness takes us to other tasks until the autumn comes.

Aprils date has been changed from Thursday to Wednesday 23rd and the main theme on this day will be warping on the large warping frame made at the station. Please bring along anything you are working on, have done or something you are planning. We all learn from one another . As our other days have been , we begin at 11am and finish at 4 ish. Feel free to invite interested friends .

Mays date will be back to Thursday and will be the 29th of May .

Have a look at the other weaving blogs to see what we get up to.

There is no charge for this day – it’s all about sharing, please bring some food to share if you can make it for the whole day.

Hope to see you soon.

Liz and Graham


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