So many exciting ideas come from workshops

March has been such a busy month of workshops and the Creative Stitching show last week was such a great event too. The lovely thing about being prepared to share your skills with others is that they so often share their knowledge with you. Everyone has a skill they go to a workshop with , even if that skill is a keenness to learn.

I learn so much from my students and I think part of that is not being afraid of your own mistakes- the journey to trying to find perfection is the key not the final destination. but then I think there will never be enough years for me to learn all that makes me curious.

Every answer seems to spawn another question.It makes artwork so special to be a textile trail of our lives, unlike a snapshot which just gives a two dimensional reminder.mark making in felt24

These are some photos for a wonderful sharing workshop on creating fine detail on feltwork- controlling the wool paisley pattern style to kick off with and travelling where it took us. 

mark making in felt18 mark making in felt20 mark making in felt1 mark making in felt2 mark making in felt27 mark making in felt13

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