Studio opens for 2014 – an exciting year ahead.

blending rainbow stones15
blended fibres

blending rainbow stonesToday at the Studio, if you would like to come and visit, I will be blending wool on the lovely electric Duncan carder, making a riot of colour ways for my first plan…


Rainbow stones! curious ? come and see what is going on, the kettle’s always on and the welcome is warm!
The Studio is open from 10am-5pm today.

I have spoken with lots of people who have dreaded the ‘return to work’ part of the holiday season. I consider myself so lucky that I love what I do so passionately that I could not wait to get ‘back to the grind’. The time spent over the holidays has been reflective, absorbing this beautiful place I live in has sparked off so many new ideas I felt I would drown in them.
A trusty notebook with a few sketches and a big long list of what I would like to do’s will keep me busy for the next few Winter months.

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