Time is speeding toward the next workshop

A lot goes on in the background of a Studio for workshop preparation.

There are samples to prepare , notes to write up , photo to gather and making sure all the materials needed for a successful workshop are in stock.

Wednesday 22nd January is not far away and if you are interested in learning more about felting onto fabrics

(or Nuno felting as it is often called)

Wikipedia definition of Nuno is

Nuno felting is a fabric felting technique developed by Polly Stirling, a fiber artist from New South Wales, Australia, around 1992. The name is derived from the Japanese word “nuno” meaning cloth.[1] The technique bonds loose fibre, usually wool, into a sheer fabric such as silk gauze, creating a lightweight felt. The fibres can completely cover the background fabric, or they may be used as a decorative design that allows the backing fabric to show. Nuno felting often incorporates several layers of loose fibres combined to build up colour, texture, and/or design elements in the finished fabric.

This is just a starting point and I have been pushing the boundaries of what felting onto fabrics can do here at Heartfelt Studio

Here are two garments made using the same technique.

Lightweight silk with felted wool detail
Lightweight silk with felted wool detail
Felted wool onto cotton muslin



Bookings are still being taken, phone me for more details. You can buy someone a workshop gift token hereclick here for the workshop booking form or email Liz to book for yourself.

This is a fantastic method of feltmaking

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