June Workshop (6th) Imprint dyeing on paper – eco dyeing in a day

A stand alone workshop on imprint dyeing on paper or it can be coupled with Wednesdays workshop to learn a wider range of base materials to print onto.

This one day workshop will give you a taste of imprint dyeing, living plant patterns onto various papers.

  • Learn the techniques that makes this very natural form of printing possible.
  • Using our dye beds here at the railway station and excellent range ¬†of local, sustainable wild plants
  • Learn about the possibilities plants have to give
  • Learn about mordants and natural tannins and how they react with different plants and papers.
  • Learn about the herbal plants we eat and what they can offer the dyer and imprinter.

Stunningly beautiful location with easy road or rail access, accommodation available in this unique setting for those who are travelling or want to experience the pleasure of natures beautiful Scottish location
The workshop day is from 10am-4.30pm

print of the leaf on paper



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