Ways with Nuno Felting Sunday July 5th 2015

This workshop is an experimental day of pushing the boundaries of Nuno felt.

Variations of stories about the ‘invention’ of Nuno felting have come from many countries but suffice to say it was developed out of a necessity to have a warm but lightweight garment .

The essence of Nuno is to use the warp and weft stability of a woven fabric as a ‘page’ to drawn whole new designs. During the felting process the wool shrinks and puckers the fabric – how much or little depends on the base fabric used and when you stop the felting process.

Exciting results can be had when layering of fabrics are tried.

Recycling of fabrics leads to exciting results with this technique

We will not be creating a specific garment – there are other workshops I do that cover that aspect of Nuno felting.

flights of fancy may44This day is about trying  a wide range of fabrics, natural and synthetic, learning how wool changes the fabric and how to control the resulting distortion.

Number will be limited , we provide a learning space for our students to be comfortable and  relaxed in.

All materials are included in the workshop cost of £70 – booking form is below.

A light lunch is provided

let the fibre side decide
let the fibre side decide

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