Whats Happening at Dalmally Station?

The station looks a bit different this week! Beneath the green netting a transformation is taking place. The long awaited lead replacement between the Victorian Canopy and the Station building is finally taking place.

Apart from replacing the broken panes of glass what does this mean?

On any old building the most important thing is to ‘weather proof it ‘ to the best of abilities. The roof being the umbrella that keeps rain off the building and the drains and ground the building sits on – its welly boots! Often where buildings connect there is a natural collection of water that gutters and downpipes efficiently take away .

When that is flowing into a wooden join that rots with time , there is always damage in leakage onto the adjoining building.

With almost all the replacement windows now in the station annex and replaced rotten wood on doorways and transom glass panels , it is most important to keep the Argyll wetness at bay . The building has taken nearly 12 years to dry out and the stone will continue to do so for some time yet but the changes in the stone is  very apparent  to those who can see. This is a labour of love and a lifetimes task but such joy when major events like this take place.

station netted canopy20143

views not usually seen from below
views not usually seen from below



station netted canopy20142


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