Why Crochet makes me cry.

                                              A strange title for an article, does it frustrate me or upset me ? No nothing of the kind .

Today in the post I received a parcel from  dear friend Maria Vesela from Stropkov in Slovakia – she had come to the Studio some years ago with the BOTH project exchange and we had gone to Stropkov to learn and share textile skills as part of the same project.

We formed a firm friendship with this delightful and talented lady and have kept in contact . Maria had created some beautiful work for us to place on our Christmas tree to celebrate not just the birth of Christ in two separate countries but to celebrate friendships and family values.

She is one of my textile sisters and her parcel made me cry- with great joy . the beautiful gifts were one thing but knowing the love she put in each and every stitch was palatable.

That a hooked stick and fibre could bring so much joy is perhaps not understood by those who craft but I know many who find the joy of being able to create literally life saving.

Last year we had our lovely friend Janet Renouf Millar here on her bike as part of the Knit one bike one project . Janet has written a book about her journey which makes great reading but we are vey excited about Janets exhibition coming to Dalmally later in 2017.

Janet is hoping to do another of her amazing workshops during the duration of the exhibition and if you have never crocheted or perhaps did a long time ago , this would be perfect for you .

You may even make someone cry .

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